Sarah started her career in the science of ecology, organic chemistry and botany in the Australian tropics after falling in love with the land there, until she returned to North America and turned her focus on the biodiversity of the Coastal Mountain forests.


Combined with extensive studies of Permaculture, Feng Shui and Ecological Landscape Design, she specializes in custom yet practical designs to enhance her client's interactions with their spaces. Her inspiration comes from natural settings, and incorporating her clients' landscapes with the surrounding ecosystems, while still retaining the clients' wishes.


Sarah's designs imbue beauty, flexibility, and purpose, and maintains her clients' vision every step of the process. 

Tropical Leaves

My Background 


  • deferred Masters of Environmental Science, Tropical Ecology, James Cook University, Australia


  • Organic Master Gardener/Organic Horticulture Specialist

  • Ecological Landscape Design

Things to consider:

1. How much SUN does your property/area receive, and from when to when?

2. It is a good idea to come to a landscape designer with your wish list, 4-5 desires you have for the property, and an idea of much you wish to do yourself in the landscape.

3. Design, Implementation and Management: three steps to my landscape design process; I can work with your contractors in finding the best landscape team to implement our planting

and concept plans.


Having a piece of paradise that brings BEAUTY

and attracts


to your door or window will fill your


and brighten your


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