• Sarah Valentine

Sustainable Garden Checklist - June

Updated: Nov 9, 2020

We were away for most of May so I kept my fingers crossed that the weather was neither too hot nor too windy... it ended up being both! Luckily we installed a lot of new irrigation in April, set to timers, so nothing died while we were away (unlike last year!).

1. Note To Self: Keep on top of the weeds!

2. Repeat number one! To make this task more palatable, I like to think of pulling weeds as a way to reconnect with my garden, and get a good yoga stretch in all at the same time.

3. Keep sowing seeds of carrots, salad greens, beets, flowers and beans - and so on.

4. Trim back dying spring bulb stems to the first or second leaf.

5. Keep deadheading spent flower blossoms, including your roses, so to encourage the plant to keep blooming instead of making seeds.

6. Allow grass to grow a little longer than usual; it might not look as ‘neat’ as severely mowed grass, but it will be lusher and healthier.

7. If you haven’t put drip irrigation in your garden yet, stop whatever planting you’re doing and buy some; install it in your garden.

8. Add bone meal (phosphorus) and banana skins (potassium) to the soil around your

rose bushes.

9. Water your container plants regularly and add fish liquid fertilizer.

10. Plant the last of your perennials, shrubs and trees to give them time to grow roots in your garden before the deadly heat of summer.

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