Sustainable Garden Checklist - September

Updated: Nov 10, 2020

No way does the end of summer mean slowing down. In fact, I feel busier than ever with a truckload of new compost to lay around the garden beds, save seed heads from summer-flowering plants, order bulbs and garlic, reseed the small lawns we have and think about the winter vegetable garden!

Some other tasks on my mind include:

1. Divide all the thick spring-flowering perennials such as irises, salvias, hostas, phylox and bee balms that are seeing better days. When the centre of the plant starts dying, leaving an ugly bare patch, it is time to get your spade or shovel and divide the plant so it completely cleaves in half. This not only improves the looks of the garden but also aids the plant as cramped roots aren't able to access moisture and nutrients properly.