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Mayne Island Meadows

Mid-century modern bungalow with coastal meadow design

Our first phone call was so enjoyable and spontaneous, that I could not wait to get started on this project located on quaint and picturesque Mayne Island. The entire project was virtual, relying on photos and videos sent to me directly from the client, and my personal experience boating along the Gulf Islands.

Steep cliff-sides, seasonal drought conditions and extensive deer browse were some of the concerns brought to me, as well as requiring a complete reconfiguration of the decks, as well as a fire pit and multiple seating areas.

Amidst covid-crackdowns, my wonderfully patient client and I came to a decision for a return of the original wrap-around deck, and extending the deck of the main entrance. It was challenging but ultimately designed a prairie-meadow style landscape, that suits the environment as much as my clients.

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