What We Do

Enhancing our clients' interaction with their exterior spaces, SARAH VALENTINE aims to create stunning landscapes that are unique, private and naturalistic


The design process includes detailed surveyed exploration of the area, schematic design plans, revisions to suit the clients' vision and then further development of the details

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Our vision is to design healthy exterior spaces which develop beautifully into contemporary lush landscapes with little input or maintenance, other than seasonal management


After the initial consultation, site analysis and assessment is completed, we provide a multi-layered palette of plant specifications which combines our extensive knowledge of local trees, shrubs and perennials into a private, elegant transition connecting your property with the surrounding ecosystem 

Inspired by the biodiversity of the Pacific Northwest, wabi-sabi Japanese garden design and minimalistic Scandinavian indoor-outdoor places, our design concepts combine the clean aesthetic of contemporary modernism with thickly- layered naturalistic plantings 


Clearly defining the clients' goals and landscape design budget is at the heart of our schematic design process as well as in-depth property research, not limited to identifying critical elements such as a topography survey, the geography, seasonal and daily sun movement, and the floristic and hardiness zones


With the use of scaled CAD layout plans of the whole landscape, 3D modelling and visuals of renderings and 'as-built' shop drawing production, we can aid in generating installation estimates and municipal approvals 

Beyond design services, SARAH VALENTINE DESIGN also offers project installation supervision during construction, available to address variances, change orders and any layout issues as well as providing plant procurement working collaboratively with several local nurseries which can save time and ensure optimal quality


Whether it is finding the perfect outdoor lounge set, custom fire bowl or front door plant containers, we can take your property to the next level of landscape, art and style

Experienced in everything from designing dry river beds, rain gardens, custom hot tubs, torri gates, arbors, fencing, guard rails, deck and patio design, retaining walls, waterfalls, fountains, ponds and pools, as well as low-voltage lighting systems, exterior furniture sourcing and outdoor sound system planning guides, call us now to book a consultation



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Our designs includes at least 15 or more native plant species to provide pollinator habitat and food sources, as  per Xerces 


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Using large swaths of multiple numbers of a specifically-choosen community of plants rather than single 'specimen' plantings creates the most dynamic visual impact, enhancing the ornamental nature of the gardens


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We  favour plant species with staggered blooms that stretch throughout the seasons,  providing visual stimulation as well as pollen  and nectar,  also considering winter interest with an extensive knowledge of evergreen conifers to give structure to the landscape

Site Specifics

sunset over water

A thorough site survey is conducted if none exists previously which takes into consideration soil (type/texture, pH, etc.),  as well as the climate, moisture and sunlight that is typical for that specific ecoregion of Pacific Northwest Floristic Region