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Why An Ecological Landscape Designer?

Sarah Valentine is a professional Ecological Landscape Designer as well as trained horticulturalist with the experience and knowledge to translate your brief into a beautiful, unique and sustainable landscape through thoughtful selection of plants combinations which suit the climate, soil and aspect

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With the initial consultation and client checklist completed, our process progresses in clear, concise steps which we match to our clients' budget and needs


We provide every detail from 2D planting plans to 3D renderings and walk-thru's allowing you to visualize, plan and budget exactly what you want your dream landscape to look like


A highly-considered, timeless landscape brings added value to your property, increases your self-esteem and builds better neighbourhoods


Studies have found that if homeowners use 3-5% of their home's value towards low-maintenance, quality landscaping, it doubles the ROI

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By an intense study of the interactions and patterns of the solar aspects of a property, and the way the interactions affect ecological processes, we take into account issues concerning the site ecology, conservation requirements, design, planning and sustainability as coupled with our client's preferences and personal systems

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SARAH VALENTINE DESIGN serves the Sea-to-Sky Corridor and Gulf Islands communities. We are located in the traditional territory of the Interior Salish Lil'Wat peoples. We honour the traditional territories of the St'at'imc First Nation. We acknowledge our traditional hosts, this land, it’s gifts and our impact upon it.

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