What we offer...

SARAH VALENTINE LANDSCAPE DESIGN STUDIO specializes in creating stunning, elegant spaces that emphasizes beauty with biodiversity, form with functionality, ornamentals with native species 

With projects spanning across Southern BC, we are elevating and diversifying one BC home at a time

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Our Ethos

During the initial consultation, we conduct a thorough exploration of your core wants and needs, and meld these with ecological and sustainable elements to culminate in a harmony of natural high design in a low maintenance format

Image by Scott Webb
Image by Sincerely Media

Virtual & Digital 3D Renderings

Using 3D design software, our team creates enhanced landscape layouts that clearly reflect the feel of the designed outdoor living experience

Sustainable & Ecological

Focusing on native  plants in a canopy of layers provides ecosystem services such as wildlife habitat, storm runoff mitigation, air and water cleaning and soil stabilization; a sustainable and holistic approach is our main concern

Image by Emiel Molenaar