What we offer to take your  landscaping to the next level?

A LANDSCAPE DESIGNER in Whistler and Pemberton, SARAH VALENTINE has been creating stunning and inspiring landscape designs since 2000. Regardless of the scale of the project, SARAH VALENTINE DESIGN can design your residential, park and commercial spaces.


Our designs are influenced by everything from naturalistic parklands and shady zen zones to modern succulent rockeries and rooftops and traditional country kitchen gardens.  Our goal is to create spaces that emphasize beauty, biodiversity, flexibility and functionality for our clients. 


With a University background in ecology,  Sarah has been passionate about her place in the natural world since 1998, and has been designing unique landscapes that meld with the surrounding natural environment, resulting in low-maintenance, sustainable gardens. 

After spending 20 plus years transforming properties into thriving and beautiful backyards, the next steps were to advance her Botanical, Permaculture and Feng Shui knowledge by studying Landscape Design. 

A certified Ecological Landscape Designer from Royal Roads University, SARAH VALENTINE DESIGN has the knowledge to make your landscape dreams come true. 

Landscape Design Options

We work with you.

Brand new to gardening but enthusiastic to start growing your own food organically?

Want help beautifying your patio with fabulous but low-maintenance containers?

Looking to completely revamp your existing property?

Have a new high-end build that needs a gorgeous landscape?

We work closely with our clients, within their budget and scope, on everything from setting up stunning and lush potted plants to transforming construction rubble into a sustainable garden oasis.

Customized Landscape Design

We Work With You

With my help, I can design and turn your construction fill into a stunning natural landscape.

With over 20 years of experience with a focus on PNW-adaptable natives and non-natives, we work with you to design and select for minimalist zen gardens, ornamental perennials and grasses, fern & shade gardens, rain-gardens and annual food crops, and more... 

Container Plants

8 Hour Minimum

Whether a residence, office building, restaurant, park or any other type of space, I’m ready to create and design a space that satisfies your preferences and vision. Take your property to the next level with gorgeous and lush container plants and stunning urns, baskets and containers.

With a collection of high-end container plants and pots, we make statement entrances to your properties.

Success Stories

"Sarah completely changed my front entryway into the perfect modern look"

Angela B.

We look forward to hearing from you...

Pemberton BC


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