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Principal Designer & Founder

Combining a laid-back West Coast approach with naturalistic, low-maintenance plants to create naturescapes


Our unique style and clean aesthetic form awe-inspiring outdoor spaces that connect our clients' surrounding environment with the natural world


Working with elements like local stone, blonde wood and brushed metals form landscapes that are both breathtaking and sustainable


Inspired by classic ecological settings such as wildflower meadows, grassy woodlands and coastal forests, we work with large scale residences, project managers, architects and contractors to produce gardens, outdoor entertainment spaces and relaxing atmospheres designed for those using them


Every project we accept is highly individualized and integrates classic design principals from concept to completion, imbued with practical creativity, artisanal details and extensive horticultural knowledge

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SARAH VALENTINE DESIGN serves the Sea-to-Sky Corridor and Gulf Islands communities. We are located in the traditional territory of the Interior Salish Lil'Wat peoples. We honour the traditional territories of the St'at'imc First Nation. We acknowledge our traditional hosts, this land, it’s gifts and our impact upon it.

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